Astability Memento

WM - RM 179.00  EM - RM 186.00


Vibrant Health Begins with Quality Sleep

120 gm (20 sachets × 6000mg per sachet)

Astability Memento sleep aid is a safe and effective formula that can help to relax the mind and improve the blood circulation in the brain. This effectively relieves mental stress and assist relaxation to encourage a restful sleep and enhance sleep quality.

Suitable for white-collar workers, middle-aged and elderly folk, as well as those with stressful or shift work and insomnia.

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Main ingredients:

1. Green Tea Extract

The natural L-theanine present in green tea helps you to relax and relieves anxiety, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

2. Protein Concentrate

The Tryptophan (essential amino acids) found in proteins can exert a sedative effect and induce sleepiness.

3. Ginkgo biloba

Helps the body to fall asleep naturally.

4. Astaxanthin
Promotes the secretion of melatonin which plays a role in regulating sleep and prevents melatonin from being oxidized.

Add one sachet of Astability Memento to 150ml of room temperature water. Stir until completely dissolved and consume immediately. One sachet a day (taken at night).

*Individuals with medical condition are advised to consult a healthcare professional before consuming Astability Memento.