<May23 Promo> Pandanox, FREE 1x Pandanox

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<May23 Promo> Pandanox, FREE 1x Pandanox

3x Pandanox, FREE 1x Pandanox (Worth RM98)

Pandanox is a natural detox beverage that is rich in fiber, promotes bowel movement and helps to relieve constipation and detoxifying the body. It also balances the microbiota found in the intestines, thus keeping your gastrointestinal system functioning healthily.

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Ingredients of Pandanox:

Pandan Extract
  • The chlorophyll that's found in abundance within pandan leaves are a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier that can remove the preservatives, additives and toxins found in food from the body.

Xylo Oligosaccharides (Prebiotic)
  • Xylo Oligosaccharides are a fantansic preboptic that promotes healthy probiotic growth, such as bacillus and lactic acid bacteria. It also assists with balancing the microbiota found in the body, and strengthens the intestine's immune system.

Apple Fiber
  • Fiber stimualtes digestion and bowel movements, and improves constipation. It also helps the body detoxifies by removing excess waste and toxins remaining in the colon.
Drink one pack daily. Mix one pack of Pandanox with 200ml of water, stir well and drink.